Facebook & Twitter Update 08.02.21

Covid Incident Management Team meeting to discuss ECQ preparations

(930am August 2, 2021)


1) Health situationer
– 3rd spike is coming.
– It’s difficult to determine which are Delta or not. We have to assume there is widespread community transmission. And prepare accordingly.
– An example of why it’s so difficult: an OFW arrived in the Philippines, was quarantined in a national facility, and tested positive for covid. Since CT level of the PCR result was low (strong positive), the specimen was sent to the Genome Center to check if it’s a variant case. Meanwhile, as per DOH protocol, patient was tagged as recovered after 10 days. So the OFW went home to Pasig. The problem is that 4 days later, the results came in from the Genome Center: the case is a DELTA VARIANT. The LGU now had to put the person back in quarantine. We conducted another PCR test – the person was STILL POSITIVE.

2) Medical facilities
– Capacity remains good. PCCH-Covid Referral Facility has 200 beds now (around 3x from when covid started)
– Medical supplies ok, including oxygen etc. Problem with failed bidding of some medicines so we may have to do emergency procurement for these.
– Reiteration of our Emergency Medical Services Medical Control.
– Quarantine facilities ok so far. We could use more personnel.

3) Vaccination program
– 167,688 completely vaccinated (~20% of total population)
– 12 sites operational (8 LGU, 4 private)- 2 LGU sites suspended because because we are waiting for diluents)
– Our target is to be consistently over 10K jabs/day (if supplies are available)
– At the moment, we only have 18K available for first dose.

4) Peace & Order
– Dine-in and religious gatherings are not allowed now.
– ECQ August 6-20.
– Authorized Persons Outside Residence include everyone working in allowed industries
– For ECQ only: Barangay Coding for the purchase of essential goods
– Decontamination of public spaces continues
– BFP to augment PNP personnel

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