Wednesday, 4-24-2024

Inauguration of Various Infra Works at PLP, including the following… (pero ang pinaka highlight siguro ay yung ENERGY ng mga mag-aaral!!! ) 1. Improvement of Auditorium- Laminated walls- Stage flooring- Stage curtain- Lightning equipment- LED wall- Audio accessories- Ventilation w/ UV germicidal irradation2. Improvement of Gymnasium- Vinyl basketball court floor- Repair of benches3. Improvement of PLP Facade- replacement of roof into GI sheet- glass aluminum windows and fixed windows- 1/4 tempered reflective blue glass (rear side) – steel works4. Replacement of flooring at NAL (nursing)5. Improvement/restoration of all staircases6. Various ceilings, doors, windows, tiles, furniture and fixtures, etc7. Plumbing works- various CRs- Registrar’s office8. Waterproofing works9. Exterior and interior repainting10. Front desk granite installation11. Incubation area (GF)12. Cleaning of air conditioning system13. Construction of Library Discussion Room14. Improvement of EE and ECE Laboratories15. 2-passenger lift elevators#PamantasanngLungsodngPasig #PasigCity #UmaagosAngPagasa